Commercial Debt Collection

A Commercial Collection Service is a way of effectively recovering problem and past due receivables. Commercial lenders and businesses are getting paid with TFC-USA’s assistance and expertise in Commercial equipment finance and leasing, merchant cash advance and working capital, commercial property lease collections, unpaid purchase order collections, in addition to balances owed for products and services. If you’re owed money for your business, we’ll make sure you get it.


Consumer Debt Collection

Covid has caused unprecedented economic pain and suffering to our nation. Our collectors listen and stand ready to work with individuals and craft payment plans acceptable to our clients. The plans are carefully monitored and are a result of collaboration between debtor and collector. TFC is compliant with all state and federal consumer collection laws. Consumer lenders rely on us for national, regional, and local collections.

TFC is compliant with all state and federal consumer collection laws. Consumer lenders rely on us for national, regional and local collections. Further, TFC collectors are empathy centered but firm in dealing with consumers. This approach yields higher recoveries in less time.


International Debt Collection

In business today, boundaries and borders no longer exist as they once did – a majority of companies do some level of international trade. Consequently, there are many companies to choose from when collecting international debt. If you’re doing business abroad, it’s critical that you partner with a tested, knowledgeable agency such as TFC-USA to assist in collecting unpaid international business debt.


Estate Search

Once we know a debtor is deceased, files of over $1000 are forwarded to Estate Search Unit. Timely processing is imperative, as some states require Creditor's Claims be filed within a specified time limit or be forever barred. For example, in Maryland, Creditor's Claims must be filed within 6 months of death.


Commercial Credit Reporting

TFC partners with one of the three major credit reporting bureaus that provide comprehensive business reports on over 25 million businesses. These reports will help predict credit risk by providing institutional payment history and public record filings. They can further point to company and corporate officers when looking for responsible parties.


Consumer Credit Reporting

If a client has a legitimate interest in a person’s credit report and in compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act, such as employment application, or credit extension TFC will provide a report from one of the Major Credit Bureaus.


Skip Tracing

Skip tracing is the practice of locating individuals, assets, and places of employment. It’s a key element of debt collections. In addition to our separate and distinct Skip Trace Department, TFC collectors will participate in this activity in their daily operations.

Skip tracing is provided at no cost, if required in the working of a file. Skip Traces are available at No Find no Fee for traces not associated with a file.

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